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Visiting with gifts

You’re about to visit a friend for lunch who lives about 2 hours away.  What do you take?  What’s the etiquette for gift giving?  I’m asking genuinely because I have no idea! We have some new friends who we have … Continue reading

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Difficult Conversations

It’s never easy. Most of the time we just don’t have them. The bottom line, though, is that we do ourselves absolutely no favours by not facing up to the issues we have in the relationships around us and in … Continue reading

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Freefalling into 40’s Facebook Faux Pas

See what I did there.  It’s practically the acronym FFFFF. I know there has been quite a few of these recently, but it is Ranty Friday and therefore a perfect day to spout about MY rules for Facebook.  I think … Continue reading

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The Generation that grew up with “Friends”

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I feel like we are a little bit of the lucky generation.  Not lucky in that we have more money or more opportunity, but that we are considered in society and marketing, … Continue reading

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The Joy Jar

I was recently reading my timeline and saw that someone had retweeted a Tweet. The original tweeter was not someone I know. The person the tweet was about, I didn’t know. It read: “Go out, get drunk, be who you … Continue reading

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I’m supposed to like…..

….Breakfast in bed I don’t.  I just don’t get it.  What really is the point of it?  If I’m having to sit up at all I may as well just get up and sit up at a table downstairs and … Continue reading

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The skill of an RSVP

There is a Learning Curve for new parents on RSVP’s, or so goes my theory. Annoyingly the organisational skills of a parent must be learnt. Due to only being fertile in Spring (or so it turns out) in January I … Continue reading

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