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For My Sanity

I was at Mumsnet WorkFest on Saturday and it was a very inspirational and interesting event aimed at mothers returning to work after a career break or maternity leave, wanting to look for another job or starting their own business. … Continue reading

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OCD and Me

I’m not really OCD. I don’t think I am, well, not since I was a teenager and had to position things in my room a particular way before I could sleep, or had to tap the door 6 times otherwise … Continue reading

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The Tooth Fairy Visit – Fraught with danger

Bit of an exciting day yesterday in our house.  Pickle (5.5) lost her first tooth.  It HAD been wobbly for about 4 weeks, so it wasn’t a big surprise.  I’m sure my teeth weren’t wobbly for that long, but I … Continue reading

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The Working Mum vs The Working Dad

No, I won’t be embarking on an “us against them” post, although I will be pointing out a few things that should remind us all that the battle for equal rights is not over just yet. I am a working … Continue reading

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For Sale – 1 Toddler

My mum used to say to me “I’m going to sell you and buy a mangle”.  So you can imagine, I knew what a mangle was from a very young age! I have had similar feelings about my two and a … Continue reading

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The Best Things about being in my 40’s

No, I’m not scrapping around for the positivities of getting older (ok, maybe I am), but there are definitely positives to age and I think it’s important to remember them when you are bemoaning your saggy tummy and bum, staring … Continue reading

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Freefalling into 40’s Facebook Faux Pas

See what I did there.  It’s practically the acronym FFFFF. I know there has been quite a few of these recently, but it is Ranty Friday and therefore a perfect day to spout about MY rules for Facebook.  I think … Continue reading

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