I am  40 years old.  This is the blog about how I cope with the “new” age through the trials and tribulations of juggling work, childcare and how I manage to remain presentable and occasionally wear the latest season’s trend.

I’m a married mother to two after years of infertility.  I have a nearly 5 year old called Pickle and a nearly 2 year old called The Monster.  I enjoy their company most of the time!

I work  4 days a week and have recently completed 6 years of study of with the Open University, gaining a degree which was no mean feat, but if I did it, anyone can.

This is a tricky period of my life right now. Lots of decisions to be made and I’m hoping you will join me in my journey and offer some pearls of wisdom along the way.

Thanks for reading.


4 Responses to About

  1. shoes says:

    I like the name of your blog and the picture across the top (mine has a picture of shoes, one pair from each member of the household.) 🙂

  2. Hello. My name’s Anya and I blog at Older Single Mum. My kids came along (with my shitty exhusband) at 41 and 45 so you’ll get no sympathy from me about your age! Ruth from Dorky Mum told me to check you out, so here I am enjoying your blog and saying Hello!

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