What’s in a Name or… Telling My Husband I Blog

So, what’s in a name?  Well a lot apparently!  Especially when you have the opportunity to change your name.

 I’m talking blog name of course. I’m planning on going self hosted shortly (paying for my page and getting a personal URL) and so I have this little window of opportunity to sneak in a name change if I so wish. I’m very tempted.

 You see, as well as taking this momentous decision to move to self hosted I decided to come clean to the hubby about my blogging.


It only took 18 months. To be honest, it’s a huge weight off my mind and he took it very well, partly because I was mumbling along trying to find the right words and mentioned something about the laptop and he thought I’d broken it, so to discover I hadn’t, made the impact of my secrecy seem very tame.  He didn’t ask that many questions but I did keep talking about it to make sure he understood what I was saying. He was cool about it. Didn’t seem overly concerned. Didn’t ask for my blog name.  A little later on in the day he didn’t admit to wondering what I blogged about, so I told him the content of the last 3 posts I had done. He was ok about it.  I guess time will tell.

 So, back to my name.  I spent an exceedingly long time picking the one I have now, which sound ridiculous.  I was trying to think of something I could abbreviate and use as my name as well when I was signing off, so Freefalling into 40 (FFF) sounded good. freefallingAs it turned out, I ended up signing off as “the 40 year old” so I’ve never used the shortened version. 

 The name sort of summed up how I felt though.  Like a runaway train, I couldn’t stop my 40’s from happening and it’s kind of a freeing up feeling, free falling.  It’s fun and scary and exhilariting.

 Now, do I want to change it? 

 I was thinking of switching it to just Freefallinginto  or just Freefalling and then doing something with the header to include “40” and then in time (if I should hang about blogging that long) I could change it to 50 or ……..god forbid 60!!! What would I be blogging then?  Information about pensions and bunions?

 Who am I kidding, I’m not far from those topics now!

 So, is that a good idea?

 Or should I COMPLETELY change my name?  Any suggestions welcome. I’ve come up with these rather limp options (none of which I’ve checked):

  •  Fortyandbeyond
  • Beyond40 or BeyondForty
  • Past it
  • AgeingFabulously
  • Runawayage
  • NoFearAfter40
  • FearingForty
  • MidlifeMusings

 Your help would be gratefully received.  Like my current name?  Or fancy one of the new ones?


About freefallinginto40

I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at www.freefallinginto.com . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at www.ourmovetothecountry.wordpress.com
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15 Responses to What’s in a Name or… Telling My Husband I Blog

  1. alex says:

    Personally I wouldn’t define yourself by your age. Life’s too short 🙂

  2. Clearly the fact you are thinking about changing the name means you think you need a re-brand / freshen up! It’s needed every now and again and 18 months about right! When I started blogging my blog was called Diagnosis: LOB. No one else apart from ambulance folk got the joke so last year I did what you are doing. I bought the URL and off I went with a new look and a new name! I like MidlifeMusings or MidlifeMusingMum to keep your MMM!

    Good luck 🙂 x

  3. What about freefallingandfabulous, (not checked) The original combined with something new. Good luck with your new changes.
    Nortonmum x

  4. Do you want to keep 40 in there? What about an oblique reference? Such as ‘Life Begins’ (not checked)

  5. Mrs Smith says:

    I like the freefalling angle….keeps it open for your blog to evolve.

  6. Personally I like free falling into 40 but I do get that it’s a good opportunity to future-proof if you’re thinking of sticking around for a while 😉 Maybe take the 40 out?

  7. sarahmo3w says:

    I still like your current name! Glad you’ve finally confessed to husband and he was OK with it. My husband has known I blogged from start, but has never liked it or supported it (or read it!). He’s thawed a bit lately, though. I have a rule of not including recognisable photos on it, but he looked at it last night and concluded my photos were recognisable and I’m putting the kids at risk 😦 They’re not and I’m not. Must be more careful though.

    • The40yearold says:

      Hubby much happier that it’s all anonymous. He’d have kicked off otherwise. I think I had one pic of The Monster up, but on enough of an angle that it wasn’t obvious. I think if anyone I knew stumbled on the blog and read it, they’d know it was me straight away, but nobody knows it, so I’m happy to keep going.

  8. lizandtracey says:

    We have just (yesterday) changed our name from Indulge In to The naughty forty diaries. We never really were 100% happy with our previous name and were paying an IT company to host our site, which as well as being expensive, didn’t give us much scope or control when it came to changing things. We decided to come over to WordPress and change the name at the same time..kill 2 birds with one stone. The fact that you’re thinking of a name change indicates that you’re not 100% sure about your current one (although we like it). Our main concern was losing the (few) followers we did have but it may also open the doors to (many….we hope) new ones!! Good luck with whatever you decide.

    Liz x

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