Coloured Jeans, Baukjen Dresses and Cropped Trousers

It’s been a little while since I shared some of my latest purchases so I thought now was as good as any.  Of course the day after I admit defeat clothing wise and buy 2 pairs of skinny jeans it supposed to be 21 degrees, but I’m still waiting for the temperature to rise. I’m wearing one of them right now.

So, first on the list was this Baukjen dress.  I had some issue with the delivery of the belt, but they resent a new one with no questions asked so I was pretty impressed.  In the end the dress got delivered sooner than planned and beat the belt delivery.  The downside to the ensemble was that the belt nearly cost as much as the dress (£89 for the dress and £69 for the belt) which was very steep. I’ve never spent more than £10 on a belt before and when it arrived in it’s flimsy form I was pretty unimpressed.  However, it suits the dress very well and I’ll have to find a few other outfits for it to work with to get my moneys worth.  Buying on the internet can be so dangerous.  Here it is.

Baukjen Rosamund Dress

Baukjen Rosamund Dress

You may recognise it from the cover of the Baukjen catalogue.  Not very original I know, but it really grabbed me. Unfortunately on my first day of wearing it to work I had the worst day ever (those on Twitter will have heard the story of me “losing it” in a meeting) so I’m hoping I won’t think that every time I wear it.

Then on an “orange pop colour” roll I bought this vest top from H&M.  Looks lovely with my navy skinny jeansH&M orange vest

and will probably look good with the beige purchases further down the post.  I’m not sure of the correct term for it, but it’s gathered and goes up underneath of the bottom of the vest like the old bubble skirts used to.  It’s very flattering on, although not a great photo.

Then there were the 3 purchases from UNIQLO.

I had a girly day out with Pickle yesterday (who’s 5) and we spent a good few hours trying to find something for her to spend her accumulated pocket money on.  In the end we traipsed the entire length of Kingston when she finally admitted that a barbie doll was what she needed (she has at least 15 already).  So, once bought, along with a Barbie Car (I always wanted one!!) she had to endure me doing the same as I tried to find some beige/camel/cream skinny jeans to go with all my Mint Velvet tops or some new flat shoes.  Bless her, she moaned a bit but managed to cope and we happened upon the UNIQLO shop.  I’ve got one in Wimbledon but as all the measurements are in inches rather than sizes I’ve never had time to pfaff about working out what I’m supposed to be wearing.  So we grabbed a couple of different sizes and went for it.

I was *this close* to buying a pair of £70 grey skinny trousers from Mint Velvet last week but decided to hang on until pay day. I’d had to try a size up due to the waist band (always heartbreaking, but better to be comfortable – no one can see the label). Really glad I waited as I purchased 3 trousers for around the same price in UNIQLO.

First up are these UNIQLO ultra stretch colour jeans.  These are called Grey, but they are a bit a beige.  I’ve struggled to find the right beige coloured jeans for ages because most are skin coloured and nobody needs to have an image of what you would look like without trousers on.  Although not obvious in the pictures, these are the right shade and a little darker than most, so I though they were perfect.  They are a little baggy at the bottom but all of their jeans are done in a 33inch length, so even on a long legged me there needs to be some turning up.  I may well take these and the other pair in to my nearest shop for an alteration. I presume they charge for it, I didn’t ask.  Here they are.

Uni Qlo Ultra stretch skinny jeans - Grey

Uni Qlo Ultra stretch skinny jeans – Grey

So I’ve shown them here with a white (crumpled, sorry) t-shirt and one of my Mint Velvet tops.  With my white Clarks casual shoe and a pair of navy strappy heels.  They are very comfortable.

I then pushed the boat out and grabbed a coloured pair in blue.  I’ve now convinced myself that they are lovely (you can be the judge of that) and will keep them.  At £29.90 they are pretty good value I think.

UniQlo coloured ultra stretch skinny jeans - Blue

UniQlo coloured ultra stretch skinny jeans – Blue

My mint velvet top and two different shoes here. Not entirely sure the leopard print works, but I quite liked it. Definitely looks summery with the Clarks and I could easily wear some plimsolls too.

My last purchase was also from UNIQLO and I didn’t try them on.  I’ve resisted crop trousers for a really long time because I don’t really think they are flattering.  They do cut your legs in half and as I have plenty of leg to cut in half I’m not sure why it has taken me so long.  I quite like these.  However I had to do an impersonation of a contortionist to get into them so I’m going to take them back for one with a bigger waist band.  The stretch jeans are clearly stretching nicely for my mummy tummy and despite the same size, these didn’t have as much give. They were £12.90.

UNIQLO cropped trousers - grey

UNIQLO cropped trousers – grey

So that’s it.  What do you think?  Thumbs up, thumbs down?  Finally I will stop wearing my denim jeans and the blue skinnies for a bit.


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11 Responses to Coloured Jeans, Baukjen Dresses and Cropped Trousers

  1. LOVE that pair of sky blue jeans. Lovely.

  2. tiasmum12 says:

    I love the blue skinny jeans, and the dress looks fabulous! Good shopping.

  3. Notmyyearoff says:

    Definitely thumbs up! They are all gorgeous outfits. That blue dress is amazing!

  4. I LOVE the blue dress. Fantastic combination. Love the outfit with the ‘blue’ jeans, same top with beige trousers is nice too but too ‘safe’ if that makes sense. I don’t like the bottom left combination, the shoes make the rest of the outfit too granny like.

  5. I am loving those blue jeans- you have tempted me………

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