The skill of an RSVP

There is a Learning Curve for new parents on RSVP’s, or so goes my theory. Annoyingly the organisational skills of a parent must be learnt.

Due to only being fertile in Spring (or so it turns out) in January I had to be super organised. I had both my children’s birthday’s parties to organise and as a result, invites had to be sent in December.

The RSVP’s for the 5-year-old was pretty good, responses were late, but not too late.  The responses to the 2 year old was awful.  So awful that in the week after New Year (his party was on the 6th) I had to ask the nursery for help.  Most of the parent I didn’t know and couldn’t chase them myself.DSC_0808

In almost all of the excuses when I finally got the replies was that the invites had been lost, misplaced, put somewhere safe and forgotten.  It got me thinking into why 8 parents of 2 year olds couldn’t get themselves organised enough to rsvp to a party and then it hit me.

This is probably one of the first events they’ve had to be organised for for their child.

Out of all the children attending, almost all of them were first-born kids so it makes sense that the parents hadn’t quite worked out their system for managing their social life. I mean, under 2, there really isn’t one is there?  Over 2 is when the party invites start pouring in, the baby ballet, baby rugby, baby gymnastics start being considered.

One minute you are blissfully maintaining your calendar with your things and the next you are having to juggle everyone’s diary with complicated drop offs, pick ups, double bookings, early finishings, holidays, inset days, school holidays and parties.

The invites are tricky.  You get one, but you don’t want to be too keen.  You also don’t want to agree for your 2/3/4-year-old to attend a party if between then and now a close friend organises a bbq or family arrange something big and you’ve already committed for your 3-year-old to go to a manky soft play centre with a child they don’t even recognise and whom you watch rip open their gifts haphazardly at the end whilst your inner voice screams at the parent “GET A PAPER AND PEN FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHAT ABOUT THE THANK YOUS?”

So I really do understand the need to hold off a bit before rsvping.  However after 5 years of this parenting lark, I have managed to work it all out for us.  I receive the invite and if I’m free (and said Child is free) I put the invite on the fridge, put a diary entry on the iPhone (cc’ing hubby) and then pop a reminder about 8-12 days before to send the rsvp.  Voila, I’m covering all bases.

So, new parents take note.  Get a system – QUICK. Otherwise you’ll have the likes of me   angrily pacing the reception of the nursery wondering why the heck you thought it was ok to not RSVP.  Short of a “pushing over” child, there’s nothing else that winds me up as much and trust me…………I will remember you forever more as the parent that wasn’t organised.



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I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at
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11 Responses to The skill of an RSVP

  1. Madmummymckean says:

    This is so me! The angry at lack of organisation and politeness…not the forgetful one. Hilariously insightful 🙂

  2. SHIT! I forgot to send the thank you’s!

  3. Melksham Mum says:

    This is spot on advice. I speak from experience of mis placing invites from children I don’t know, having to find the contact number from someone else, realising my child never plays with the party child, not wanting to spend a tender on a child I don’t know – is that really mean?! – then realising my son has forgotten all about it anyway! I have no excuses. They are 6 & 4 but I get in a major panic over their birthdays. Go figure!

  4. TheBoyandMe says:

    We don’t have many but I tend to put the date in the diary straight away with a swift RSVP or I’ll forget!

  5. Oh dear- I think you would hate me! I still manage to double book (usually something to benefit me) despite having a system! I should be more of an advocate having a bang in the middle of August baby to organise parties for! ; )

  6. Oh dear, you’re managing to be really organized and COOL! I have to rsvp immediately while simultaneously writing it on the calendar! Well said though, it is irritating. I am only sending out invites now for my littlest’s in about ten days!

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