Saying Goodbye to the baby days

You may have remembered I posted last year about the big decision to not have anymore children.  You can read it here, but the long and short of it was that my husband was really against the idea and I was undecided.  My age and my immune condition also played a factor in the decision-making and so it was that we drew a line and settled on being a family of 4.

Nothing much has happened since then, except that my broodiness magically disappeared about a month later so I presume it’s 2 year-long presence had been based on the idea that I may still have more and with a decision being final, my brain caught up.

Time is marching on and my 2 yr old (TM) is growing up.  The baby bottles morning and night got phased out and currently sit forlornly on the windowsill, presumably waiting for the “clearing away” fairy to bin them and she hasn’t done it yet.  We’ve removed the changing mat from the back kitchen and put all our recycling boxes there instead.  TM isn’t a big fan of it now and he’s too long in the body for him to lie there safely.

At some point this year I’ll be removing the bars from his cotbed and giving him free rein to get out of bed (arghh) and we’ll be attempting potty training at some point.  Hopefully summer time, but as he can’t string 2 words together I’m not entirely sure I know how that is going to work.  I’ll be playing it by ear.

So I’m slowly seeing my youngest child’s baby and toddler years slipping by and I’m a little panicked about it to be honest.

We called this "Barry Island"

We called this “Barry Island”

I gave away this fab toy to our neighbour last week and I took a photo of it because I wanted to hang on to the memory of both children enjoying it so much.  I honestly thought I was going to cry.

Then on Facebook the other day, someone posted the following video which is just so beautiful.  It was in response to someone else having had a bad night with their little one.  The beginning is a little shmaltzy American but stick with it, it’s a beautiful reading from a mother about appreciating the gift of the ordinary days and I have to say, I was sobbing at the end.  It reminds me to enjoy every moment, even when things are ordinary and I’m going to do that.  Right after I have a cry about saying goodbye to a few more baby toys.

Before you watch the video I’d love to know how you coped with saying goodbye to the baby years.  I’m after some inspiration so I don’t spend the next few years sobbing my heart out.


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I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at
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12 Responses to Saying Goodbye to the baby days

  1. That video made me cry, it is so true though. Despite my circumstances I always LOVE everyday with my 6 children…I think I had 6 because I wanted to hang on to this way of life for as long as I could. I’ve stopped now though. It’s strange because I have 2 teenagers (soon to be 3 teenagers), I have a 9yr old, an almost 5yr old and then I have the 2 year old. So while one child is embarking on potty training another has just taken her options for GCSE’s! When my youngest is 12 my eldest will be 26! So just as one childhood is ending another could be possible embarking on an engagement, marriage or children…or even backpacking around the world for all I know. I’ll never pressure my children but I think secretly…OK, not so secretly I look forward to being a grandparent one day 🙂

    What I know to be true more than anything though is just to enjoy the present. Not all teen’s lock you out of their lives too. I spend a lot of time with my teens. I’m very much a Mum more than a friend to them but we are so close and have so many laughs together. I honestly think it’s laughter that keeps us close.

    Despite having had 6 I know I will miss having a tiny hand to hold as I walk so much. I have no longing for anymore babies now though. I can’t offer advice as I know my situation is so very different but it is still early days for yourself after deciding not to have more. I think SO many of us Mum’s will identify with the pain of parting with baby things. I’ve started parting with things too.

    Be kind to yourself my love, and have lots of fun with the fab two you have 🙂 xxx

  2. Michelle S. (noseycow33) says:

    I’m really sorry but I can offer no help/advice to you. I was near hysterical at sorting out their “artwork” and don’t see it getting any better. I think I have just accepted I will be sad and upset but have some lovely memories to cry my eyes out at. So, really, it just allows me to reminisce. Maybe that helps. Sorry, I’m having a bad evening. You’re not alone at all. Xx

  3. hattydaze says:

    My two are 6 and coming up to 8, and I’m your age – I still can’t quite get rid of some of the tiny baby gros but in most other ways I am happy with my two and I love the way they are growing and being more and more funny. Problem is, it’s not about age or practicalities, or what feels right for me. It’s a totally natural, maternal urge and it’s only truly personal to you. It must be hard when you don’t fully feel the same as your OH but really hope you will find your peace. Babies are great, but bigger kids and teens are also great, that’s two whole humans who you can have fun with for the rest of your life. Not that that probably helps!

  4. TheBoyandMe says:

    I sobbed the day I binned The Boy’s last baby bottle. However, I still want another so they’ve not goe completely!

  5. I didn’t really get rid of much until my littlest was 4 and we went travelling, I was so excited that we DIDN’T have to get bottles, nappies, baby toys into 2 large backpacks that it seemed very easy to let it all go. I think the key is maybe to look forward to something amazing that will be so much easier without all that gubbins?

  6. Oh and I have a box with my favourite little baby outfit from each of them, favourite toy and favourite book.

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