Shopping – 41 year old style

Remember that day of shopping I had back in mid February?  The brilliant day organised by my husband that was also supposed to contain an opportunity to sit and read and chill out in a café that didn’t happen because I had to get back home by 4pm for his conference call and nearly had to leave at 2pm because he was held up in a casting call?  Well, I’ve now worn all the clothes that I bought that day, so here they are.

First up is one of the tops from Mint Velvet.  I do love this label and have done ever since I discovered them last year.  I have a beautiful top that I’ve worn on numerous occasions so I was keen to spend an hour browsing and trying on a few others.  As it turned out my moment to visit them happened after the panicked casting call phone call, so I literally legged it over, grabbed a handful of clothes and rushed into the changing room.  I was on my 3rd outfit when he texted to say everything was fine and I didn’t need to rush back…… I retried some of the clothes again.  This is the first top.

The Mint Velvet top without cardigan

The Mint Velvet top without cardigan

This is the best pic of it without my cardigan on. It’s a lovely combination of greys and beiges and has a drawstring on the left side which can create a lovely asymmetrical line.

Here it is again with a cardigan I bought from H&M with one of my vouchers.

WIth Cardigan

WIth Cardigan

Not easily seen in the picture, but it’s a beigy goldy colour on the sleeves and front with sparkly thread through it.  The back is made from a satiny fabric.  I would give you some info on it, but I can’t find it on the site for some reason.

I wore this outfit on my afternoon out with friends at Skylon in London and teamed it with a pair of black jeggings and black pointed ankle boots.

Next outfit is the one I’ve worn to work twice now.  I get  A LOT of compliments on this outfit.  The top is from Mint Velvet again.  My picture was taken outside of natural light, so I’m showing you the link from the Mint Velvet website.  This top is absolutely gorgeous.  The only downside is that I have to hand wash it……but I love it so much, I’m willing to forgive it this one oversight.

Mint Velvet Panel Jersey Top

Mint Velvet Panel Jersey Top

Me in the top

Me in the top

The skirt is from Next.  I actually tweeted this picture from the changing room because I was in such a quandary about buying it.  I had tried on a plain black stretchy pencil skirt which looked very nice but this one was a possible step too far for me.

Mint Velvet Top and Next pencil skirt

Mint Velvet Top and Next pencil skirt

It’s a size 12 which I’m  not usually for Next (I can buy a 10 confidently) but they had no 10s in store and it was quite tight, so I decided to gamble with it.  Really glad I did.  It is still fairly restrictive despite the larger size.

This is the outfit together.  I can mix and match tops with this skirt (which is why I love it so much).  It has white, pale blue, dark grey, black, beige throughout the design.  On this occasion I wore a pair of flat ballerina pumps but like quite a few of my shoes they hurt so much that a fortnight later I wore a pair of black pointy heels with it, which worked really well.

Next up is a grey top from H&M.  This is very flattering for the likes of me with no boobage, so I’m always up for a cowl neck when I can get them.  This is sleeveless.  photo(5)Here is the shot in the dressing room as it’s loads better than the one I took on the day I wore it.  I think this slate grey top would work well with the pencil skirt above.

Finally here is the electric blue top I bought from H&M as well.  Again, a cowl neck for extra boobage, but an on season colour to brighten my work wear. h&m electric blue I’ve worn this twice now.  Once with a pair of black trousers and then yesterday with a black flare skirt and pointy black knee-high boots.

So there you have it.  What do you think?  Did I buy well and is there anything there you fancy yourself?


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I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at
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17 Responses to Shopping – 41 year old style

  1. avenue57 says:

    Off tomorrow to H&M to buy that grey top – I have VERY LITTLE in the boob dept so I’m hoping it does for me what it’s done for you

  2. Grenglish says:

    You look fab in everything but I particularly like the first outfit 🙂

  3. Love the cowl necks #fellowbooblesswonder

  4. Loving all of it. I adore clothes and shopping and being a spritely 40 year old (in a week to be exact) .. your style is right up my alley. The Mint Velvet and the grey H&M are my faves x

  5. Michelle (noseycow33) says:


    You look great in all the outfits and the skirt especially
    is bold and brave and really suits you. I especially love the last three tops and am off for a nosey on the Mint Velvet site. A good day’s shopping I’d say. Well deserved. X

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