Card be arsed

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Like what I did there?  I took the word card and pretended it was…. oh never mind.

I’ve got a bone to pick. It’s a bone I’ve been wanting to pick since December last year.  It is still eating me up inside and I’m hoping a bit of “laying out my emotions about it”, will make me feel better.  Here’s hoping.

What is it with the demise of Christmas Cards?  I get that postage is expensive. I get that people are trimming their list to keep the cost down.  Since when did it become ok to send out a round robin email (or worse — via Facebook) telling everyone that this year you are donating to a charity instead of sending out cards?

Pull the bloody other one!!

That’s not the reason you aren’t sending out cards.  Christmas cards aren’t about money.  They are about staying in contact with people, reminding people you are thinking of them over the holiday period, reminding them that YOU CAN BE ARSED spending 2 Bloody evenings in 365 days of the year writing them out and addressing the envelope.  I’m sorry, but I don’t believe for a second that it’s about the money.

We trimmed our list this year because of the cost of postage.  I reviewed all of the people on my list and removed people I knew hadn’t sent one to me for a number of years. Harsh, but it had to be done.  However, I didn’t insult their intelligence by telling them.  They’ll get the picture when one doesn’t arrive.  What I could have then done, if I so wished, was to make a Christmas donation to a charity for the number of stamps I didn’t spend on, but then that defeats the purpose of saving money doesn’t it? At any rate, I don’t need to shout it from the rooftops*   (*facebook).

I just don’t understand to be honest.  I don’t know when people started thinking it wasn’t worth the effort.  I love getting Christmas cards.  Why can’t anybody be arsed anymore?

The worse contact about it I had in December was a status update (so no guarantee everyone saw it) which read:

“Merry Christmas and Happy New Year one and all. Please consider this your Christmas card.  There, that was nice and easy”.

My reply

“Yes, and a bit crap”.

Quite a few people thought she was joking.  She wasn’t.  There’s one more off my list this year. That’s handy.

So if you can’t be arsed doing Christmas cards, don’t do them. Donate to a charity if you want to, it’s a nice thing to do and if you’re anything like me, you do it when you have the chance to, probably a couple of times a year.  Don’t announce it to everyone claiming you’ve sacrificed the loveliness of a personalised hand written card for the sake of a charity. We all know it’s not about that.

And as for people not rsvp’ing to invites………….well, I think I’ll leave that for another day.

*grumble grumble*


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12 Responses to Card be arsed

  1. agree with it all…and don’t get me started on rsvp’ing either!!

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m not that bothered about cards, in fact if everyone stopped sending them to me then I wouldn’t find the need to send them one. Easy.
    HOWEVER, RSVP’ing – or rather not – that REALLY pisses me off. Look forward to that post!

  3. hattydaze says:

    Liked your post. I still CAN be arsed to send cards and I still will do it for people I think will appreciate it. Sending Xmas cards is one of my favourite parts about Xmas. Will you also deal with the subject of writing thank you letters?? Forcing kids into doing it etc etc. Is a text message allowed? Is a phone call allowed?

  4. Mairi Stones says:

    Mmm, I hear you and I don’t send cards, haven’t for 3 years now.
    However I agree the need to tell everyone publicly and make a thing out of it is slimy, and making a thing about giving it to charity instead, no like! I stopped because I decide that I didn’t put in the effort, I ended up sitting feeling like I “had” to do it and would be scrawling to and from and nothing else. I also felt that on that basis it was a gross waste of paper, card etc. for some pretty meaningless thing that very quickly ended up in the recycling. I prefer to stay in touch with those I care about, drop the occasional postcard, email or call to say so and concentrate on birthdays more.

  5. mummybarrow says:

    I have blogged a couple of times about my hatred of Christmas cards

  6. Nice and easy? Now, that’s not really the point, is it?

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