Mine, Yours, Ours

Dear Hubby,

 Most of the time it’s mine.  Some of the time it’s yours and occasionally it’s ours.

 “It was such a hot day on MY wedding day”

 Well, let’s not beat around the bush.  It was my wedding day. Obviously I was marrying you, which was the most important part but the rest of the day, the whole day around the wedding vows, that was mine.  I don’t even know why I giggle and correct myself by saying “Our wedding day” anymore.  Lets call a spade a spade.

 “Do you know what YOUR son did today”

 He’s never mine when he misbehaves.  He’s always yours.  No child of mine would have such a temper or do something quite as terrible as that.  When he’s in my arms, cuddling, stroking my hair.  Then he’s mine.  That’s a given, right?

 “OUR Holiday”

 This gives me just as much right to praise and criticise the purchase, planning and content of said holiday.  It doesn’t denote that I had anything to do with stuff if it goes wrong but it allows me to take credit when things go right.  We’re all in this together, but I reserve the right to pick apart the bits I had nothing to do with.

 “Don’t put your shoes on MY sofa”

 When I am the one that has to clean it, it’s always mine.  At any rate, I’m the one who spent 4 months on google looking for the right sofa, set up the payment agreement and stayed home for the delivery. Now I think of it, there’s nothing about that sofa that is yours at all.  Mine!

 “THE bed needs changing”.

 Curve ball!  When I need you to do something with an item that is normally mine (the bed is mine, I provide rights for him to sleep in it) I will de-personalise the object.  It is a “thing” that belongs to no one and in this instance you’ll be doing the changing.  Once it’s got new sheets and a duvet cover on it, it becomes mine again. Capiche?

 “Have you seen what MY beautiful daughter has made for you”

 She’s artistic and it’s all down to me.  Anything she does for you that’s lovely is because she’s mine. Her mother’s daughter. 

 “Our debt”

 It’s actually because of you.  I’m just trying to be diplomatic.

 “My blog”

 Well it is…………and one day I hope I pluck up the courage to tell you about it.


About freefallinginto40

I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at www.freefallinginto.com . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at www.ourmovetothecountry.wordpress.com
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5 Responses to Mine, Yours, Ours

  1. That is one great post and again so true!

  2. My car… until something goes wrong then it is all yours
    My cheesecake… unless it is not one of my best creations and then it is ‘the’ cheesecake
    Your clothes… as in pick your clothes up off my new rug
    what a great post! Wish it was one of mine 🙂

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