I Hate Shoes!

There I said it.

Despite showing some of my lovely shoes above on my blog, I don’t really wear them very much.

I don’t dislike shoes in the sense that I like to pad about barefoot or with “hippy-like” sandals on my feet, although if they were warm, I’d probably give it a go.  No, I mean as a woman who likes to looks nice and likes to buy things that are pretty, I just don’t “get” shoes.

There is one main reason for that and probably a load of reasons I just don’t understand.

The main reason for my lack of enthusiasm for shoes is because I don’t find ANY shoes particularly comfortable.  Boots seem to work for me ok. High boots or ankle boots, I don’t care, but anything else is uncomfortable.

I think my upbringing in Australia may be to blame.  I spent about 9 months of each year barefoot or with flip-flops on (although they are called thongs in Australia — I’ll give you a minute to giggle about that).  I think my feet got used to being free. It’s entirely possible that the front of my foot is wider than it should be or higher or something but as a result there is always one, if not more, places on a shoe that rub or cut into me.  It can be incredibly miserable.

I wear trousers to work about 99% of the time and I wear the same ankle boots with those trousers every day.  Even writing this out now I can see how that seems really wrong.  The ones I wear are really comfortable, fit me well and have a chunky heel that tapers a little at the bottom.  Not too clunky, but not too dainty either.  Perfect for that 10 minute cycle from the car to the office and easy to walk in.  Do people really notice that sort of thing?  I have had the same boots for nearly 3 years and they’re worn down passed the heel now, so I’m literally looks for a replacement for them.  That’s what I do.  I buy on a “need to” basis.

Even if I bought another pair of ankle boots, I’d only buy a pair of brown ones similar and that’s because I’ve just bought a pair of Next trousers ….. yep you guessed it, in brown.  All my other trousers would only work with black (I think).

On the weekends I wear boots.  With my skinny jeans I can wear ankle or high boots (1 of each designated for that use).  I own a couple of ballerina pumps but only 1 of those doesn’t hurt me.  I mostly wear those in the summer, with knee-high tights (please don’t give up on me….I’m doing my best).  Shoes without socks or tights are a big no no for me. Pain city!  I’ve got a pair of sandals for summer too, but as a sufferer of the cold it has to be pretty hot for me to get my feet out.  To be honest I own lots of shoes, I just don’t wear them.

On nights out…….well that happens about 3 times a year and most of the time it’s somewhere I don’t need to dress up very much.  I have ventured out a bit since turning 40, in an attempt to be a bit more fashion conscious, with heels on, but it’s always ended in embarrassing disaster.

One of those nights I had flats on me, but by the time the top of the heeled shoes had damaged my foot, even the flats were painful and I limped next to my friends for the entire trip home.

I have bought a shoe stretcher and was successful in making a pair of patent black heels less painful.  I went out in my flats though and carried them in the bag, but I wore them for a couple of hours at a party (admittedly I was sat down for most of it) but I had thick tights on and didn’t suffer in them. shoes 2 I’ve tried to do the same with a pair of nude heels from Next that weren’t leather, but it doesn’t seem to have made much difference.  They look nice, but I walk like a zombie in them because they hurt so much.

So, maybe my whole love affair with shoes was never going to get off the ground due to the whole painful issue.  I don’t know. I do see some of the sparkly heels that get posted on twitter occasionally and go “ooooh lovely” but then I’m a sucker for sparkly “any things”.  Sometimes people say “I love these” and to me they are just shoes.  “Yeah they’re ok”.

Am I missing an important chunk of DNA here?  Did I fail to read the memo at birth that decreed I should love shoes, buy shoes and generally obsess over shoes?  Or do you think it’s all down to my painful relationship with them?   I have no idea how to overcome that, by the way.

I wish I didn’t but………….I really don’t like shoes.  😦


About freefallinginto40

I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at www.freefallinginto.com . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at www.ourmovetothecountry.wordpress.com
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11 Responses to I Hate Shoes!

  1. I’m the same – I may have quite a few pairs, but can count the ones that I wear on one hand. New shoes rub me (boney feet) so when I find a pair that don’t, I wear them til they fall apart x

  2. Corinne says:

    I loved this, because despite my recent search for shoes I am also not overly keen. For me too it is a comfort issue. I don’t really get walking in something that hurts my feet, why would I wear shoes when I have really comfortable hiking boots and wellies?! However, when it comes to my wedding outfit I did realise that a pair of heels were the only way to go, I doubt I’ll wear them for long but I have some I love the look of, if not how they make my feet feel!

  3. Grenglish says:

    I love buying shoes… and looking at them… but can’t wear them. I live in flats, the same pair of boots most days, or UGGs now that it is really cold. I can last about 4 minutes in heels, long enough for someone to take a photo of me in them before changing into my comfy flats… or sometimes just kicking them off under the table and walking around in my socks or tights.

  4. Jaime Oliver says:

    I am exactly the same i dream of summer months and being able put my flipflops on! i have yet to find any pain free shoes! like you my feet are broad across the front too and every pair i have ever owned have given me blister ….. i must be missing something too 😦

  5. Michelle S. says:

    This is a surprise in view of your shoe picture for your blog. I would never criticise you for feeling the way you do; I can understand your reasons. I almost envious because I have a complete shoe obsession to the extent I have a wall of shoes. You see, they always fit no matter how big/small my bottom is at the time.
    Have you tried Clarks for shoes/boots? They have some very lovely (and stylish) shoes that are very comfortable. They also have some bloody awful shoes…..

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