Christmas Traditions

I did debate doing a Christmas post, but I have ended up doing it because I can’t ignore it’s Christmas and I have a bone to pick with everyone…..

Why so many different ways of doing it?

Before my life on Twitter and blogging I used to be a frequent visitor and poster on forums, specifically infertility and pregnancy ones. There were 3 main topics of conversation at this time of year:

  1. How Father Christmas featured in the present giving?
  2. What colour theme were you doing for the Christmas tree?
  3. What Christmas traditions do you have in your house?

Point 1 is always VERY interesting. Until my foray into forums I had just assumed people did roughly the same sort of thing as me.  A collection of presents from Father Christmas in a stocking or sack at the end of the bed and a collection of presents from mummy and/or daddy under the tree.  Apparently not everyone works like that.  Some people have all the presents from Father Christmas and they may be in a sack or may be under the tree. I don’t like that, but maybe that’s because I’m selfish and want to take some of the credit for the mad dash of present buying.  SOME people have every present from EVERYONE come from Father Christmas.  So poor old grandparents, aunties and friends hand over presents that were delivered to their house for the child.  Sorry, I don’t get that. I think it’s a bit insulting to the people who put a lot of thought into present buying.  Of course, some people don’t introduce Father Christmas at all, preferring not to lie to their children. I don’t have an issue with this. Each to their own and I think most parents who go down this route instruct their children to keep quiet with the other children (or at least I hope they do).

Point 2.  Again, until I visited forums I didn’t know Christmas trees had themes!!  Angel decorationBad enough we have to beat ourselves up for the rest of the year because our living room is a hotch potch of fabrics and colours, but now I’m supposed to be coordinating my tree as well.  As it happens, I quite liked the idea and although most of my tree is silver and white decorations (which can be a little cold) I have some teal mixed in, which match my cushions.  Oohh get me!

Point 3. This I love.  I had no idea when I had children that I could start to create my very own traditions that may be taken for future generations.  When I grew up we didn’t really have any traditions apart from the kids getting to decorate the tree (imagine Christmas threw up on a silver tinsel pretend tree) and we had presents from FC and our parents. The former opened whilst still in our rooms and the latter done after breakfast with us all sitting around the tree. Our tree was always fake, hence my penchant for them now and the whole “not getting” of real trees.

The timing of the present opening is still going on, but I’ve also started taking the children to shops or garden centres to pick a Christmas decoration every year.  Something around £2-£5 and I get to pick one too.  Then as these start to take over the tree I’m slowly shipping all the cheap plastic stuff off to Christmas heaven.  Hubby tried to bring in a posh breakfast to the Christmas morning but I wasn’t that keen and the kids refused to eat it, so that hasn’t gone too well. He was doing scrambled eggs and salmon (for himself) but I was then hungry an hour later, so hopefully he has taken the hint and we’ll just wolf down our breakfast cereal so we can get on with the important stuff of present opening.

When the kids are a little older I plan on having a proper Tree decorating night, maybe with mugs of hot chocolate and Christmas carols.  Hopefully I’ll get some more inspiration as they get older and FC takes more of a back seat in the celebration.

I can’t pretend any longer. I LOVE CHRISTMAS and always have and I hope to instil that feeling of joy into my own children.  A day to enjoy our lovely gifts and appreciate how wonderful it is to have family to spend it with.

What are your traditions?  I’m on the lookout for inspiration?


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I am 40 years old. I blog about how I'm coping with my "new" age at . I'm a married mother to two after years of infertility. I have a 6 year old called Pickle and a 3 year old called The Monster. I work 4 days a week. We are also planning a move to the country! I blog about that at
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10 Responses to Christmas Traditions

  1. Mummy Plum says:

    I agree with you re: posh breakfast. My husband has a thing about having pannetone…It’s like eating air! I’m always starving. Would much rather have my regular toast and like you, get on with things! We’ve started the bauble tradition this year too. I love it!
    A couple of ideas I saw mentioned on forums which I’m planning to steal…new PJ’s for Xmas eve. And, making some reindeer food, oats mixed with glitter which you sprinkle on the front path for rudolph to see his way. My son will love that one :0)
    My own favourite tradition pre-children was going for afternoon tea after Christmas shopping. When my boys are a little bit older I plan to take them for afternoon tea pre-christmas each year. I’m sure they’ll love the cake!

  2. Jaime Oliver says:

    I have to say i love Christmas too, in the Oliver household we have a fake tree as i cant bare the thought of mess! it is covered in an array of gaudy decorations that we love (no theme here) and We have a bacon sandwich at about 7am (we have been up 2 hrs by then!)

    Tradition wise any gift bought from grandparents/family member go under the tree. Hubby and i do the santa presents (no glory for us 😦 ) and these are opened in the morning followed by the ones under the tree in the afternoon (we try to stretch it out)

    Christmas eve we decorate Christmas cookies/biscuits (bought from Asda/Tesco) and we get to pick one present to open that night, Last of all we watch the snowman (this yr we are watching the new one though and cant wait!)

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  4. Mammasaurus says:

    I can’t get into the festive spirit this year at all – I am trying! Honestly!

  5. Tim says:

    Great article, it’s very interesting to hear your traditions. For us here in the Pacific Northwest in particular the state of Oregon, Christmas trees is a big business, so no one would ever have a fake tree. My childhood always consisted of searching out a cutting a tree from the national forest ( with permits of course) several times we bought living trees then we would plant them afterword over the years it brought back memories see how big the Douglas firs grew in our yard. I still drive past my birthplace to see them occasionally. Our big holiday meal is Christmas eve at my sisters we have done that for going on 20 years now. As for the gifts I like to choose the big gifts to be from Santa and what is in the stockings too. My wife and I say up late enjoying a drink and some times assembling the toys (oi) The kids wake early so I have the coffee ready to brew and I do make a breakfast but we stay in pajamas making the morning last as long as we can. I like to cook so a feast is later but it’s just the four of us Christmas Day which is so nice.
    Keep the blog coming its great

    • Hi Tim. Thanks for your comment. I LOVE hearing about how people celebrate in other parts of the world. Big meal on Christmas eve? Now that’s different. In the UK I think people are split between fake and real trees, but I am originally from Australia so real trees aren’t that common ( well they might be now). Have a lovely Christmas, sounds like you’ve got lots of great traditions.

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