Day 2 of our Pretend Holiday – Soft play and Arts and Crafts

Day 2 started much better than yesterday. I woke up hearing the sound of Pickle chatting to her daddy downstairs as he got ready to go to work (this is his only work day this week). I stayed in bed for another 20 min and then came down not too long after he left.

First on our list was soft play. There is a lot of soft play at Centerparcs and it’s just sort of there in every area of the park. I don’t do soft play because I’ve never had a good experience with it. Pickle has been to several boys parties at soft play and she inevitably ends up crying at least once, if not several times because she is pushed, punched, scratched or just generally overwhelmed. I want her to be a bit tougher and try not to make a deal of it, but she’s just like that and I have to understand that.

I chose a massive soft play at Syon Park that we’ve been to for parties and arrived not long after it opened. I deposited both of them in the 2-5yr old section as The Monster is pretty capable. They both had a fab time but Pickle got a bit bored after about 30 min and I suggested going to the big multi story part. We found a section (ball pit with slide) and after both seemed ok I sloped off for a catch up with an NCT friend I hadn’t seen since The Monster was born. I didn’t know she’d be there and we aren’t very close, but it was nice to see her.

After a while we all decamped to the outside area and they had a ball out there on an assault course. We then went back in for the opportunity for The Monster to go in the toddler area. Obviously Pickle dashed in too under strict instruction that the little ones have priority and she wasn’t to go on the bouncy castle if any other children other than her brother was on it. There was some sort of music/dance thing going on and Pickle was right in there, shimmying along. Exactly the sort of thing I would have paid for at Centerparcs. At midday we left after we bought a tractor for TM (£2.40) and a doll for P (£1.20)(we couldn’t eat our packed lunch in there) but rather than a picnic we went to the Garden Centre next door, had some yummy drinks and then finished it off by a trip around the fish section looking at Koi and other exotic fish. The kids thoroughly enjoyed this bit and I remember paying about £10 to see something similar on The Isle of Wight.

Softplay TICK

The Monster slept in the car in our garage when we were back and Pickle went off to play with the new doll and I sat on twitter for an hour, which was bliss.

In the afternoon we did a craft that I had per planned. TM wasn’t very keen and wandered off about 10 min (to do a massive squelchy poo, as it turned out) but P loved it. It was great to do this with her.


She then made an alien with the googly eyes and a piece of paper and then it was 4.30pm and I put ET on the telly and tidied up and made tea.

Craft Class TICK

I did do one lot of washing, but it was nappies and was needed. Had we been away I would have had paper nappies, but I was happy to chuck a wash in.

No washing. NO TICK

Glasses of wine TICK

Overall, its been my favourite day and its amazing how just having a holiday head on keeps you happy despite any challenges.
Day 3 has been a bit complicated in its planning, but I’m really looking forward to it.


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