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Mummy Tummy or an age thing?

It’s not a great photo, but I think it demonstrates my issue well.  Obviously my top was pulled down and ruffled up as a disguise whilst at work, but I can barely contain my shock when I see that little … Continue reading

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The arguments (and the not talking) – where to go from here.

Things haven’t been great for a little while but I think we are quite disappointed in ourselves that this is the case.  I think we were a little naive to think that having 2 kids wasn’t going to have a … Continue reading

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My (not so) lovely lady lumps……check em out!

Errrr, actually forget that, because I have lady lumps where they are not supposed to be and none where they should be. Let me paint you a picture: (and don’t log off at this description. It was hell. And even … Continue reading

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